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Did you know, the “Columbine” is Colorado’s state flower. For our founder and owner its natural beauty evokes fond memories of his earlier days in “Colorful Colorado.” He hopes to one day retire to Colorado, but for now we are dedicated to providing you with the best printing services available in St. Louis. Okay, we know what you’re thinking… Columbine? Since the tragedy in 1999, the name doesn’t exactly conjure the most pleasant memories. But Columbine Printing Company was in business for 23 years before the tragedy, so we hope that our reputation for honesty, quality and timeliness will change that for you. Though our name and mission remain the same, a lot has changed since 1976 when Columbine Printing Company opened its doors as a one-man operation in the basement of a fabric store. Our only equipment included an A.B. Dick 360 press and a flip-top 300-watt bulb platemaker. Today, we are above ground in our 14,000 square-foot building with a prepress department, two Heidelberg 40″ presses, digital press, cutters, folders and die cutters. Our equipment mix makes it as easy for us to print and finish complicated projects as it is for us to print simple letterheads. No matter how big or small the project, we take pride in everything we create at Columbine Printing Company. That way, you can always be proud to call us “your printer”.
Columbine Printing Co.
10415 Trenton Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63132

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