CP’s Internship Program


CP Marketing Communications Specialist

 Job responsibilities:

Our overall goal is to increase our online visibility! Our messaging must remain consistent across all social media outlets. Increased visibility is a must! Posts, tweets, website/blog writing and other SM content will be optimized w/ keywords and links.

 Daily activities will include, but not be limited to:


  • Facebook

  • Facebook community page will be checked. Interact if necessary. Content will be posted daily with direction and approval.

  • “like” potential and existing customer fan pages and post content with approval.

  • Twitter

  • What is currently trending in the world of print? Research will be conducted using proper hash-tags. Pertinent info will contribute to CP’s overall content. Photos, hyperlinks and other content will be shared w/ approval.

  • Direct messaging existing and potential customers.

  • Daily Tweet, RT etc.

  • Google Blog

  • Pertinent industry news/happenings will be discussed

  • CP success stories, “Piece of the Week” etc.

  • Contribution to content with approval

  • Our goal here is to engage as many people as possible and get them involved in CP’s conversation.

    Columbine E-Mail Newsletter Campaign
    - Candidate will contribute and create unique content, promotions, and happenings in the world of Columbine.
    - We want to increase our existing subscriber list and participation by using indirect and direct marketing efforts.
    - In order to supplement our online efforts, candidate will become familiar with EDDM and Variable Data Direct mailers.

  • Prospecting

  • In addition to leveraging social media as a prospecting tool, candidate will define target industry and formulate associated strategy.

  • 2 quality, well researched leads to be generated daily.


Candidate will contribute to strategy development, messaging and design (w/ approval) as it relates to E-mail blasting and various other marketing initiatives.

 Overall Goals (Candidate will participate on an as-needed basis)

  • CP Website: contribute to content, design, functionality etc.

  • Contribution to design and implementation of various marketing materials and associated initiatives.

  • 12 sales calls w/ CP sales representatives.

  • 6 cold calls, resulting from prospecting outlined above

 * Every Thursday @ 9:30am, the selected candidate will be participating in Columbine’s weekly Marketing meeting.  This time is set aside for discussion on successes and failures of active campaigns, brainstorming etc.

Evaluation by CP’s Director of Marketing will take place every Thursday afternoon. The week’s accomplishments and success stories as well as failures and/or struggles will be discussed and addressed appropriately.

Interested in this opportunity??? E-mail Nick @ nflemming@columbineprinting.com with Resume & Cover Letter. Thanks!

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