St. Louis Cardinals – Interesting Questions, Facts, & Info.

Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information 

St Louis Cardinals Baseball

  • Who was the first Cardinal to strikeout over 250 batters in a season?

Bob Gibson. Gibson had a stellar year in 1964 by striking out 245, but broke that team record again when he fanned 270 in 1965. He would break his own record again in 1970, by providing the team with 274 K’s in the season. In 1968 and 1970, Gibson well deserved, and won the Cy Young award.


  • Who was the first Cardinal pitcher to win 30 games in a season?


Dizzy Dean. Dean was the only Cardinal to win 30 games in a season during the 20th century. His record of 30-7 in 1934, earned him the National League MVP honors. He also had 7 saves, along with 195 strikeouts. He retired with a win-loss record of 150-83 over 12 seasons.


  • In which ballpark did the Cardinals play in their first season?


Robison Field. Robison Field was the Cardinals’ first home in 1900. The franchise started using Robison Field in 1893, when they were called the St.Louis Browns. The Cardinals received a total of 270,000 fans in the 1900 season, 100,000 less than their Perfectos the season before. The Cardinals finished in 5th place.


  • What team was the first to skunk the Cardinals, 4 games to 0 in a World Series?


New York Yankees. In the Cardinals 2nd World Series appearance in 1928, they fell to the bats of the New York Yankees 4 games to 0. The Cardinals were beaten by no less than 3 runs in each game. Both Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth hit 3 home runs in the Series, Ruth’s all coming in game 4.


  • Who was the first Cardinal to obtain 200 hits in a season?


Jesse Burkett. All listed have broken the 200-hit barrier. Burkett was the first in 1901 when he hit 226 for the Cardinals. Jesse batted .376 in that season. Hornsby broke Burkett’s team record with 235 in 1921, and broke it again with 250 in 1922. This 250 mark would carry until the end of the century.


  • Who was the first Cardinal to hit 50 home runs in a season?


Mark McGwire. McGwire hit 70 in 1998. He followed that up with 65 in 1999. Mize hit 43 in 1940, in a team record that stood for almost 60 years.


  • In what year did the Cardinals win their first World Series?


1926. The Cardinals under the guidance of manager Rogers Hornsby, won the World Series in 1926, by beating the New York Yankees 4 games to 3. Hornsby also played 2nd base. The teams 20-game winner was Flint Rhem. They went to the World Series again in 1928 but lost, then lost again in 1930, but won it all in 1931 against the Philadelphia Athletics.


  • Before becoming the Cardinals, the team was called what?


Perfectos. The original franchise name was the Brown Stockings in 1882. From 1883-1898 they were the Browns. For one season only, they were called the Perfectos in 1899. The ‘Cardinals’ began their name in 1900. The Perfectos in 1899 were managed by Patsy Tebeau, who was also their first baseman. They finished the season with a record of 84-67 for a fifth place National League finish. Cy Young was on this team as he went 26-16 in the win-loss category.


  • Did the Cardinals win the 1928 World Series?


No. The Cardinals have won the 1926, 1931, 1934, 1942, 1944, 1946, 1964, 1967, and 1982 World Series.


  • Who was the first Cardinals player to hit for the cycle in the 1900s?


Cliff Heathcote. Cliff Heathcote hit for the cycle in 19 innings on June 13, 1918.


  • Who was the first Cardinal player to hit 40 homers?


Rogers Hornsby. Rogers Hornsby was the first to hit 40 for the Cardinals, also this is the year he won the Triple Crown in 1922.


  • On Opening Day 1996, what was the Cardinals attendance?


52,841. The Cardinals attendance this day was a record for Busch Stadium.


  • Was Ken Boyer ever a Cardinals manager?


Yes. From late 1978 to the early season of 1980, Ken Boyer was manager he went 166-190.


  • The first Cardinal to win the ERA crown was Mort Cooper?


 Bill Doak won the first two with ERAs of 1.72 in 1914.


  • Who won Game 7 of the 1931 World Series against the Philadelphia Athletics?


Burleigh Grimes. Burleigh Grimes beat George Earnshaw to win the 1931 World Series for the Cardinals.


  • Who won the first Cardinals’ season MVP award?


Rogers Hornsby. Hornsby won his first of two MVPs in 1925. Bob O’Farrell was the second Cardinal to win the award the following season in 1926.


  • From 1901 to 1918, the Cardinals played where?


Robison Field. The St. Louis Cardinals played at Robison Field where they averaged an attendance have 4,200 people per game.


  • The first Cardinal pitcher to pitch a no-hitter was Bob Gibson?


 Jesse Haines pitched his no-hitter on July 17, 1924.


  • How many Rookie Of The Year awards were awarded to a Cardinals player in the 1900s?


5. 1954 Wally Moon OF, 1955 Bill Virdon OF, 1974 Bake McBride OF, 1985 Vince Coleman OF, and 1986 Todd Worrell P.


  • How many perfect games did the Cardinals have in the 1900s?


0. The closest was by Bob Forsch on 25 Sep 83. He did not give up any hits or walks but there was an error commited by Ken Oberkfell.


  • Has there ever been a Cardinal that hit for the cycle but take longer than 9 innings to do it?


Yes. Cliff Heathcote 19 innings in 1918, Ken Boyer 11 innings in 1961, and Willie McGee 11 innings in 1984.


  • How many batting natural cycles (all done in the first four at-bats)did the Cardinals have in the first 100 years of the Major Leagues?


2. For those of you who don’t know what a “nature cycle” is, it’s when you hit for the cycle and do it in your first four at bats of the game. Ken Boyer did it June 1964, and John Mabry did it in 1996.


  • What was the name of the St. Louis Cardinals franchise in 1899?


St. Louis Perfectos. They were the St. Louis Brown Stockings in 1882, the St. Louis Browns 1883-1898, and the St. Louis Cardinals in 1900.


  • How many World Series rings did the Cardinals have in a 40-year span between 1930 and 1970?


7. 1931: Philadelphia Athletics, 7 games. 1934: Detroit Tigers, 7 games. 1942: New York Yankees, 5 games. 1944: St. Louis Browns, 6 games. 1946: Boston Red Sox, 7 games. 1964: New York Yankees, 7 games. 1967: Boston Red Sox, 7 games.

  • How many times did the Cardinals go to the World Series in the 1980s?


3. 1982: Won the World Series against the Milwaukee Brewers. 1985: Lost in the World Series against the Kansas City Royals. 1987: Lost in the World Series against the Minnesota Twins.


  • How many Cy Young Awards did Bob Gibson win?


2. In 1968, he was 22-9 with a 1.12 ERA and 268 strikeouts. In 1970, he was 23-7 with a 3.12 ERA and 274 strikeouts.

  • How many Cardinals played in the 1966 All-Star game that was held at Busch Stadium?


2. The outfielder Flood was making his second all-star appearance while it was McCarver the catcher’s first.

  • Which Cardinal second baseman was known as “Rajah”?


Rogers Hornsby. Hornsby was the first National League player to hit 300 home runs. He won the batting title seven times and the Triple Crown twice. He also managed the Cardinals as a player-manager in 1925 and 1926, leading the Cards to their first ever World Championship.


  • Which Cardinal played every single position on the diamond (literally) and was known as, “The Secret Weapon”?


Jose Oquendo. Oquendo literally played all nine positions in Major League games. Oquendo was known as a slick fielder, leading the National League in fielding percentage in 1989 and 1990, while serving along side Ozzie Smith as the Cardinals everyday second baseman. Oquendo became the first position player to record a decision as a pitcher, when he gave up the game-winning runs as he pitched against the Braves in a 19-inning loss.


  • Which Cardinal third baseman, outfielder, and first baseman earned the nickname, “El Hombre”?


Albert Pujols A latin play on “Stan the Man”. El Hombre literally means, “the man” in Spanish. Also known as “Phat Albert”, Pujols was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Kansas City as a teenager. Arriving speaking very little English, it is alleged that on his first day of high school in America, he walked into the office and asked, “where baseball?” The Cardinals stole him the 13th round of the draft, out of Maple Woods Community College. He got a break in 2001 where he was allowed to stay with the big league team due to an injury to third baseman Bobby Bonilla; and the rest as they say is history.


  • Which Cardinal starting pitcher was known as “Dizzy”?


Jerome (Jay) Dean. Diz one 30 games in 1934 and was the last National League pitcher in the 20th century to accomplish that feat. His brother Paul, also known as Daffy, pitched for the Cardinals as well. Dizzy’s career was shortened by a broken toe he suffered in the 1937 All-Star game. He went to become a successful broadcaster after his playing days.



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