Variable Data Printing: The Facts & How It Can Benefit Your Business.

Variable Data Printing
Variable Data Printing allows you to adjust your direct mail marketing campaign so it’s more customized and personalized. Using VDP means that you can create more attention-grabbing direct mail pieces that appeal to your target market. There are many benefits to using variable data printing with your direct mail marketing campaign.

People love to see their own name on printed materials!  They will be more inclined to absorb your messaging w/ variable data.

1. Increase Your ROI By Using Mailing List Data – Variable data printing allows you to create custom copy and information to grab people’s attention. Adjust the information on your direct mail campaign based on where people live, if they are single or married, or any other piece of information you have on your audience. Having custom information means your direct mail piece will be more appealing and relevant to the recipient.

2. Change Your Return Address or Phone Number – If you have multiple store locations or offices, print the one that will be the most convenient for each recipient. Or, depending on the campaign, you can change phone numbers so recipients can contact various people within the company.

3. Use Custom Fonts – Not only can addresses and mailing list data be printed directly on the direct mail piece, but all of it can be printed in a range of fonts so that the type complements the rest of your design or corporate identity. Depending on the variety of people you are targeting, you may want to consider changing your fonts.

4. Color Will Catch Attention – Color can catch more attention than regular black and white printings. Use color wisely to complement your current brand identity and highlight important information on your direct mail piece. Let the Columbine Design team whip up something fresh and exciting for you!

5. Include Images and Maps – You can change up your images and maps using variable data printing. Show exactly where your storefront is relative to their neighborhood. Or show custom images based on that specific person’s demographic. Make sure you are sending the right message to the ideal recipient.

Variable Data Printing IS THE NEXT STEP IN DIRECT MAIL MARKETING for your business. Don’t just send out generic campaigns to your audience. Create custom information that appeals to each recipient and makes them want to contact you.

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